Friday, April 10, 2009

Wake Up Call

Some fiscal conservatives seem to be feeling that their positions on things aren’t being adequately recognized, so they’ve come up with a way to get attention: “teabagging” Washington as a means of peaceful protest. (And for those of you who’ve Googled this term and found its “urban” meaning, you know that’s not what they meant!)

Say what you will, this idea is such a pleasant diversion from screaming and hate mongering that I think we ought to encourage it and play along. (BYW, I know I’m not an important Democrat, but in case anyone’s interested, I’m very fond of rooibus.)

I propose that we Democrats reciprocate by giving conservative members of Congress a good “grounding” (as in the expression, “grounded in reality”). We could send coffee grounds to some of those who really need to wake up and smell the coffee. The whole thing could really be a latté fun! (Okay, okay, I’ll stop now.)


The Tarquin said...

Ignoring for the moment that cringe inducing pun, I agree: I think that the tea thing is a great idea.

I would quibble that proponents of economic policies that, historically, have shown to be failures have a right to claim the high ground/ Or, indeed, the coffee grounds. (Which, after all, are a cash crop par excellence and a fine demonstration of Capitalism.)

That being said, if anyone's interested, there's a number of tea parties going on on the 15th of this month. I'll be at the Spokane one, so stop by and join us for a spot of tea!

Citizen Jane said...

"Economic policies that, historically, have shown to be failures"? Surely you can't be referring to the unbridled, unregulated so-called "capitalism," the rampant orgy of grab-what-you-can-while-the-getting's-good, that brought the economy to the brink of collapse.

From an economic standpoint, the national discourse seems to be devolving to incredibly over-simplified cries of "Capitalism!" "Socialism!"

More coffee, please!

Idna said...

Dear Jane,
I was one of 5000+ participants at the Tea Party in Olympia yesterday. I can see why liberal, big-government, big-spenders are feeling threatened.

This was the largest turnout at the Capitol in years, according to the State Patrol. (BTW - no windows were broken, no cars were set on fire, no arrests were made ... the ACORN, RUCUS, Move-on, Soros, Liberal type protest organizers ... take note! Protests can be done without having to bring in the SWAT team and tear gas to keep liberal scum from destroying other people's property.) But I digress.

Thousands of people turned out yesterday at thousands of cities around the country to show their concerns about many things. And all the Liberals can do is focus on a scummy meaning of a word that most of us had never heard. Grow up! Get your minds out of the gutter. (Reminds me of the way that a lot of kids learned about a particular sexual activity because of Bubba Clinton.)

Even more people would have turned out at the rallies, but they have JOBS ... unlike the majority of RUCUS type protesters. Why should they worry about taxes? They pay none and get all kinds of freebies sponging off the working stiffs.

Instead of mocking and dismissing what millions have to say, maybe their message should be listened to. Hopefully ya'll will hear us loud and clear in 2010.