Monday, May 4, 2009

Recreating the Wheel

Several “leading conservatives” (although where they’re “leading” nobody knows) have started a new search for meaning with a campaign called the National Council for a New America.

Maybe someone forgot to tell them, but we already have one of those. It’s called the Obama administration. Composed of the best minds and problem-solvers in the country, this “council” is working at breakneck speed to solve many of the enormous problems facing this country and the world.

Meanwhile, led by Eric Cantor, a few remnants of the General Opposition Party (GOP) are preoccupied with regaining their personal popularity and whipping up emotional angst and general dissatisfaction among what’s left of their "base.”

With no agenda other than opposing anything proposed by the duly elected government (and refilling their own campaign coffers), these folks are just generally against. Their peevish attitude is familiar to anyone who’s worked with kids—the pouting and rock-kicking that goes on at the playground among those not chosen to be first at bat.

The thing is, they’ve been invited to play. The work going on in Washington right now requires all hands on deck. But Republicans who try to accept President Obama’s often repeated invitation for bipartisan cooperation—in other words, those who aren’t anti-everything—are not only marginalized but threatened with political defeat by members of their own party. (Hence, the recent defection of Arlen Spector.)

You’d think their constituents would get on board and tell these renegade Republicans that campaigning should be a seasonal event and their real work should be problem solving, not problem making. Good ideas are always welcome; but would someone please explain to Eric Cantor that “no” is not an idea?


Lee Ryan said...

Good Post!!

Idna said...

Let me see if I understand your argument. Obama has the White House, the House of Reps majority, the Senate majority and now he will be able to name any ultra-leftie loon to the Supreme Court ... and you are complaining that the Republican party doesn't just roll over and play dead??? Last I heard, this country was not supposed to be a one party rule where you totally shut all
opposing voices down.

Lest you forget, 60-million Americans voted AGAINST Obama. Do these people not deserve to be represented at all in political debate? Oh, I forgot ... the great bipartisan reaching out thing that Obama and his friends have been doing. You must mean when top congressional leaders met in the White House and one of the Rep. senators dared to challenge the Great One about something in his stimulus plan. Obama's response was, "I won!" That's real open and bipartisan! Sort of reminds me of the kid who stops a neighborhood ball game by declaring, "It's MY ball", and heads home. What was that you said about kids on a playgound?

Or maybe the great bipartisan example you were thinking of was when ALL the members of Congress got together, debated and agreed on how to spend $787-billion of tax-payer money... Oh, wait a minute! That was the time that the Republicans were SHUT OUT of the midnight stimulus negotiations. A bill that the democRATS rammed through the next day, when no-one had a chance to read what the bill said. That must be the bipartisanship you're referring to.

And yes, three GOP (RINO) Senators did make it possible for the bill to pass the Senate. You should really read up on the bribes that Collins and Snowe got for Maine in exchange for their votes. And then, of course, there's the democRATS favorite Republican Arlen Specter. The word "opportunism" comes to mind. He was a Dem from '48 - '65, then switched to the GOP. Now when it became obvious that he was not going to get the Republican nomination to keep his Senate seat next year, he bailed once again from his party. Such loyalty! Yes, he does have some, for himself!

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when the wheeling-and-dealing
went on as he offered himself over to the Dems for a 60-no-Republican-needed voting block (once the Dems favorite comedian gets seated.) Tune in to see what the great Seantor from Pennsylvania will be getting for this stand of "conscience".

So here's a message for Mr. Specter. 'Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.' The Dem's are welcome to him! along with other stellar politicians like Al Franken (what! are you serious??)

Anonymous said...

Doncha just hate it when those ole meanie Republicans won't go along with Pres-O!

On energy policy: “Democratic leaders last week postponed plans for a markup because they did not have enough votes to pass the legislation out of subcommittee, and closed-door talks since then with about a dozen conservative and moderate Democrats from districts with strong ties to industry have yet to yield an agreement." NY Times, May 4, 2009

Generally: “Moderate Democrats could hold the key to the fate of President Barack Obama's agenda this year. They have the numbers to be decisive in the House of Representatives — the 51-member Blue Dog Coalition could doom an initiative if it sticks together, since Democrats control 256 seats, it takes 218 votes to win, and no Republicans have voted for major Democratic budget bills this year.”
McClatchey Newspapers, May 4, 2009