Friday, September 25, 2009


Here's a good discussion about why America is so volatile right now.

When fire danger is high, responsible people don't toss out matches.

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Six said...

Interesting read - although it's in the same class of nonsense the Republicans said about all of the anti-war folks making the claims about undermining our troops and president in the war. I remember not that many years ago lots of Bush Effigies hung and the soldier uniform displayed with the 'Bush lied, I died' - and even the Palin effigy noose'd. And I seem to remember a documentary essentially fantasizing over the assassination of Bush. I cannot tell you the amount of Bush as Hitler and believe it or not worse signs I have seen at anti war rallies (I miss when people actually cared about getting us out of two win-less/endless wars). They were far nastier and more volitle than the Tea Party I went to and healthcare reform forum our congressman held. I didn't see Nancy Pelosi out there calling those protests un-American...

Idna said...

Thank you, Six, for pointing out the selective outrage that we have to put up with these days. Yes, there were much nastier things said and done against Bush and other Republicans.

What if there were a movie made in which Obama was assassinated, (like the one made of Bush?) Or if an Obama doll is hung by a noose this Halloween (like the Palin effigy was.) There would be endless screaming about the racial lynching hate crime!!

It's been said that you don't excuse bad behavior by pointing out other bad behavior from the other side. However, the hypocritical holier-that-thou attitude these dyas is a bit much to take.

What we have been talking about here is nastiness, name calling, etc. But what is REALLY unbelievable behavior happened last week in Massachusetts ... totally undermining state law to appoint someone to take Kennedy's Senate seat before the election in January.

First, the Dems changed the law (led by Kennedy) to make sure that Republican Governor Romney couldn't appoint someone to fill John Kerry's seat in case he won the Presidential election. Now that the Dem's have their own boy in the governor's mansion, they changed the law back to the way it was before. What unbelievable gall! Like changing rules in the middle of a game. And still there are some other laws being broken concerning the timing of all this, but the crooked judicial system in Mass. just gives the DemocRATS a pass.

I am just dumb struck that this kind of political shenanigans can go on ... and people ignore it to focus instead on some nasty slogans and posters.