Friday, November 6, 2009

Is This Ronald Reagan's GOP?

One of the most interesting aspects of this fascinating time in American politics is the transformation going on in the Republican Party. I grew up in a family of Republican voters, but the party of today isn't the one my grandparents supported.

For one very thoughtful reflection on the subject, I highly recommend Robert Shrum's recent article in The Week.

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Andi said...

I notice this eulogy for the Republican party was written by Mr. Shrum on Sept. 22nd, well before the Republican victories of last Tuesday. I wonder if his tune has changed just a bit?

Shrum has a "curse" associated with the presidential campaigns that he has worked on, since he has yet to claim victory for any of his candidates in eight presidential elections. Among his clients - George McGovern, Dick Gephardt, Michael Dukakis, Bob Kerrey, Al Gore, John Kerry.

I'm really hoping that the Democratic candidate in 2012 hires him as his/her political consultant. Can only be good news for Republicans!

Citizen Jane said...

"Republican victories"? Oh my gosh. Tell me, do you vote for a governor based on who's currently occupying the White House? I certainly don't. I vote for governors based on state and regional issues, and presidents based on national issues, which are entirely different. But I do understand the GOP (General Opposition Party) has had precious little to crow about lately.

The only race last Tuesday that mattered was New York 23, in which the Republicans LOST yet another seat in the House. My fondest hope is that whoever runs on the Republican ticket in 2014 is warmly endorsed by Sarah Palin!

Andi said...

Jane, my dear,

If the only race that mattered to you last Tuesday was New York 23, I want to play Monopoly with you, girl!

NY 23 (Democrats got one Representative) compared to New Jersey (Republicans got Governor)and Virginia (Republicans got Governor, Lt. Gov. and Attorney General)

That's like trading Mediterranean Ave. for Park Place & Broadway. I'm all game for that!

Kimberly said...

I vote for gov based on who I think will be less likely to take away more of my rights - sadly, there is little difference between the republican candidates and the democrat ones. I didn't follow closely any of hte so-called 'important' races, although I do know that in NY23 Limbaugh and Palin endorsed the conservative... I know that because Joe Biden took time out of his busy schedule to make sure everyone knew that (as if who endorses someone should be a reason not to vote for someone).

On the brighter side of Tuesday though, R71 passed! Woohoo! Now, was that an R victory or a D one? I suppose some would argue D, but in my reality it is a victory for the people of Washington state - no party can lay claim to that. If the state decides that it MUST regulate marriage (something I oppose all together), then it should not discriminate on who it awards special benefits at my (taxpayer) expense to that join in union.

Jane - I have to say, I generally find articles you link enjoyable whether or not I agree - that article was just poo though. It's more than a little annoying, perhaps disingenuous to hear the complaint as he stated, Republicans oppose they don't propose. While I don't like a lot of what they have proposed, it's untrue to claim they have not present plenty of alternatives to the Democrats plans.

Six said...

Derr.... that's what happens when you don't log out! HA!! That last post was not NOT Kimberly (my wife) - it was Six. When/if my wife notices that she will wonder wha...

Andi said...

Dear Six,

I just finished reading your (Kimberly's) post, and am currently watching Live comments about the health care bill on C-Span before Madam Nancy tries to shove this pig down our throat.

If you don't think there's a difference between DemocRATS and Republicans, please listen to their own words. While the Dems parrot back Pelosi's balderdash, the Republicans are pointing out why the majority of the American people reject the government takeover of health care. The Republicans have sane arguments on how to reform the present system without government overreaching and ruining the economy.

I always prefer to hear from the horse's mouth whenever I can, rather than get it filtered through some partisan prism. So C-Span is good to watch. (Also good instead of a sleeping pill at times!)

Sue said...

Jane, I doubt your grandparents supported the Reagan version of Republicanism. Maybe the Eisenhower version, or even the Goldwater version. The GOP (And that stands for Grand Old Party, not the moniker you insist on thinking cute) has changed a lot over the years. So has the Democratic party. Change and growth are good; getting stuck at one level of development is not.

The real question is: In what direction is the party changing and do I like that direction/change? If not, I have several options. 1) Work to change it. 2) Find another party I agree more closely with. 3) Help form a new party. That's what the democratic process is all about.