Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Jobs Bill - Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

It takes guts for a Republican to say "yes" to anything in Washington these days. Yesterday, however, five Republicans voted with the Democrats to end a filibuster and maybe—just maybe—get a little something done about the issue Americans care most about these days—jobs.

Progressives are bellyaching because the proposed bill isn't big enough, doesn't go far enough. Conservatives are outraged because it looks like Scott Brown, their Massachusetts golden boy, may turn out to be more than just another stone in the solid wall of opposition to anything the Obama administration tries to get done.

Bully for those Senators for not being completely controlled by the current toxic political climate in Washington. Too few in Congress—even those who may, in fair weather, have a little courage of their convictions—have been been willing to stand for anything lately. Right now, any kind of progress is worth celebrating.


Idna said...

What's in a name? A Stimulus Bill by any other name (Jobs Bill?!)will stink just as bad.

Citizen Jane said...

Hi, Idna,

Perhaps the news hasn't filtered through to the FOX network, yet, but Republicans on Capital Hill have become very quiet in recent days on the subject of the stimulus. That's because the mainstream media has cast a lot of light on their hypocrisy--trashing the stimulus on camera but taking credit at home for the thousands of jobs it's created in every state. For detailed information, just Google "Republicans stimulus hypocricy."

Here's a good article to get you started: http://www.examiner.com/x-28442-LA-County-Political-Buzz-Examiner~y2010m2d22-Republican-California-Governor-Arnold-Schwarzenegger-rips-Republican-hypocrisy-on-Obamas-stimulus

Six said...

It is perpetually red versus blue with you.

One thing about the spending... one way we could save literally billions upon billions is to just end the unwinnable war in Iraq and Afghanistan like candidate Obama promised in 2008 right after winning the election - he promised to end the war in 2009.

I heard Gov. Gary Johnson speak while he was in Seattle and he brought up an execellent point - Why are we borrowing $0.43 on every $1 dollar to build a hospital in Afghanistan? Does that sound like good policy in these economic times? No amount of troops or resource are going to change that place. Bring our troops home like the candidate that was elected to president promised.

And about the Republicans bragging about bringing home the bacon... it's shameful. But at the same time, I understand it... I mean, if every taxpayer paid in to the fund, and every taxpayer has to pay for the awful policy of borrowing against our future to get a little relief today, then every taxpayers representative has an obligation to fight for thier piece of the pie once it is baked - even if they opposed it at the start.

I view it the same way that I oppose tax breaks. If it were up to me, I would greatly simplify things and end ALL tax loopholes by eliminating all tax deductions - period. However, that doesnt mean that I don't high-5 my CPA every year when he finds me all sorts of deductions to take. We all do it, we all disagree with something but then take full advantage because the deed has been done. So it really just sounds more like sour grapes and partisanship from the author than anything.

Ace Bailey said...

It was ironic that Scott Brown voted for the jobs bill. Doesn't Scott Brown know what Scott Brown's victory means? (snark)

Although I agree with Six about the war spending.