Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell . . .

. . . me Republicans want to vote NO on that, too!

The military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is so 1990s. Who cares any more if anyone is gay or straight? To those already in the military--officers and enlisted alike--shooting straight is a lot more important than being straight. In fact, a recent CNN poll indicates that almost 80% of Americans are in favor of repealing that pointless and antiquated piece of legislation.

Yet, true to form, Republicans continue to proudly carry their banner of obstructionism, pledging to oppose appeal of the policy.

And the beat goes on.

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Six said...

Shameful. It disgusts me that here we sit in 2010, having elected Obama nearly two years ago and this DISCUSSION is still going on. People who advocate keeping these type of discriminatory laws should have been marginalized and is a shame President Obama has been such a disappointment on following through on this issue (and others) - something that could be ended with one simple two-sentence presidential directive to strike it from existance as easily as President Clinton issued a directive that put it in to place.

We are one of only two countries on the 26-country UN Security Council who do not allow openly gay people to serve in the military. UK, France, Germany, Austrailia, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy as well as nearly every EU member. Also countries like Argentina, Phillipenes, Russia, South Africa New Zealand, Peru, Romania and Israel. Who is the other permanent UN security council member that does not allow gays to openly serve in the military? China. Us and China. Nice.

Other countries besides the US that have discriminatory policies against gays in the military: North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Yemen, Turkey... oh and oddly, Greece (the only EU member who has such policies).