Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mean Politics

After what America has gone through for the past ten years—two wars, the destruction of the American economy, and the two-year hangover we’ve endured since—you’d think the Republicans would want to get something constructive done now that they will have more power in Congress. But no.

Darrell Issa, GOP patsy that he is, wants to have “seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks” to try to discredit the Obama administration. John Boehner and others are saber-rattling about a 1995-style government shutdown.

What’s most instructive about this last proposal is what conservatives have to say about it. It’s all about tactics and power-mongering and nothing about the well-being of the American people (as, for example, in this recent article from the American Spectator).

Is there anyone—anyone—left in the Party of No who actually has a conscience?

Coming soon: “How the President Lost the People in 2010: Part III.”


Idna said...

I'm shocked, shocked! A political party using "tactics and power-mongering?" Next thing you know they'll get together, lock out the other party, twist arms, give bribes and write bills in the middle of the night ... and then pass legislation without reading it. Oh, wait ... I think that sounds kinda familiar.

I read the article you linked to.
This was my favorite paragraph: "The value of a successfully orchestrated shutdown could be as big as any political shift in this nation's modern history, showing "moderates" of both political parties that they will have the support of the voters if they stand up for limited, low-cost government. It could be a stake through the heart of the Keynesian "economics," which is little more than an excuse to grow government or, to mix metaphors, a critical nail in the coffin of Progressivism, a coffin that in the past has never been nailed shut tightly enough to keep that mindless zombie from re-emerging."

The author ends by saying a shut down of the government would have a long term benefit for the nation. Makes sense to me.

Oh, and CJ, if you insist on calling the GOP the party of NO, could you at least use the proper phrase ... I believe it's the Party of HELL, NO!

Citizen Jane said...

Hello, Idna,

So that paragraph was what you gleaned from the entire article?

I guess we all have our own set of filters.