Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowmagedden 2011

Appearing on CNN today, renowned physicist Michio Kaku explained why—contrary to what we might expect—global warming often results in more snow and rain.

Simply put, warmer air around the tropics results in more water evaporating into the air—only to fall somewhere else as rain. Snow storms occur when warm, moisture-laden air currents collide with frigid arctic air; then the water droplets freeze and fall as snow.

For decades, scientists have predicted that, as the average temperature of the earth rises, storms of all kinds would become more frequent and more severe.

They were right. Just ask anyone from New Orleans, Bangladesh, or New England circa 2011.


Idna said...

I thought the global-warming alarminsts said that we were all going to die because of drought. Pictures of crusty, dry, barren earth were all over Al Gore's hysterical presentations.

Now we hear "never mind!" ... now we're going to die from rain and snow.

So which is it? Or is ANY climate event "proof" of global warming? The alarminsts seem to speak with forked tongue.

Excuse me if I don't buy into this crap.

Citizen Jane said...

Ah, Idna. There's nothing more to say. When you don't "buy" facts, I guess you can make up your own.

Do you believe that dinosaurs lived with early humans? That the world is flat? That evolution is a "theory"?

There are NO reputable scientists who deny global climate change. But if Michio Kaku has no credibility with you, than I certainly don't. said...

I think we need to focus on the words climate CHANGE. Some places will get wetter, some drier. It's not that it's now getting colder and snowier or if it'll get hotter and drier - the problem is ALL weather events are going to get more extreme.

For instance, this year alone... Russia had one of the driest years on record (remember the forest fires?) - Australia has record floods and a record drought and fires - there have been record floods in Europe - a 2nd record snowfall winter in the UK - this year in the US there have actually been instances where there has been snow in ALL 50 STATES at the same time!!

Now let's address whether or not you believe. I read a book years ago about how people have "world views". This is a psychological construct. This is how you see the world. Apparently, it is quite traumatic to be confronted with facts that dispute your world view, so you will do anything - rationalise in any way to keep your world view.

Just a few thoughts.