Friday, January 8, 2010

Feeling the Love--Not!

Both Joe Lieberman and John McCain seem to be in deep trouble with their constituents. Lieberman’s approval rating in Connecticut is an abysmal 25%, while 67% disapprove of his performance. Most alarming is the fact that the numbers are only very slightly better among independents—and he claims to be one. (I think he’s still technically an “independent”—or did the mercurial Mr. Lieberman change coats again while I wasn’t paying attention?)

For his part, it looks like Mr. McCain may face a primary challenge from the extreme right to his historically cozy position among Arizona Republicans. If New York 23 is any indication of what might happen, an ultra-conservative challenger may just gum things up enough for McCain to force his (in my opinion) long-overdue retirement.

Lieberman has almost three years left on the clock before his judgment day at the polls, but McCain’s term is up this year. Both are quintessential politicians in the most negative sense of the word: willing to do or say anything to sway the gullible American public to give them another few years of bandstanding and throwing their weight around. But after the events of the last two years, during which both men have changed direction with every breeze that came along, even the most casual voters—those who cast their votes for a party or a single issue—may be fed up.

Books could be written about the inconsistencies and betrayals of both McCain and Lieberman, and it's not my intention to list them here. Let's just hope that if the good citizens of Connecticut and Arizona should decide to cut their senators loose, they will provide us with lawmakers who are consistently honest, rational, and willing to work with others to get things done.


Idna said...

Jane, you complain about Lieberman and Mc Cain, two of the most honorable men in D.C.?INCREDIBLE!

If you are hoping for "lawmakers who are consistently honest, rational, and willing to work
with others to get things done", then you really should blog about getting RID of the majority crew that is currently running things in our country's capital.

... As Obama turns 180 on his campaign promises

... as Pelosi and Reid hide behind locked doors to hash out a Bill of thousands and thousands of pages that no one will read

... as the Dems refuse to allow ANY Republican input (Watch it on C-SPAN as Barry promised over and over and over and over during his Hope & Change campaign ... YA, right!)

... as millions of taxpayer dollars are used to bribe legislators who knew better than to vote for flawed Bills, but in the end they cave once they are shown the money (such integrity!)

... the threats and intimidation toward those who aren't in lockstep with the party line ("Don't think we're not keeping score, brother," Obama to Oregon Cangressman)

..example after example

Books could (and will) be written about the most corrupt, arrogant, domineering and incompetent administration and Congress ever. And you have a problem with Lieberman and McCain?

Sue said...

I like politicians who are willing to change their positions. It tends to mean that they are thinking about the issues and listening to, among others, their constituents, not merely spouting the party line. I'm more concerned about those who march lockstep with the party position.

Citizen Jane said...

Obviously, Sue, there's a difference between changing one's mind because of new evidence or valid arguments and changing one's "spin" according to what's politically expedient. One suggests integrity, the other does not.

Sue said...

And "changing one's 'spin' according to what's politically expedient" is another person's "listening to the constituents. It's all in the interpretation.

Six said...

I am certainly no fan of either Leiberman or McCain. In particular I believe thier mutual positions on the wars are awful and I would rejoice to see them both voted out of office.

Having said that, I find your slamming of them because of thier constant position changing. It is ironic considering a week ago you wrote about how wonderful Sen. Byrd was - a man who in 30-40 years only consistent position has been a hateful/racist voting record on immigrants. Talk about someone who has changed with the winds strictly to save his own skin...

Citizen Jane said...

When it comes to personalities and ideas, the opposite of change is death. But obviously, there's a difference between growing and evolving over the years and flip-flopping from one day to the other.