Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Media Loves a Good Fight

Having watched yesterday’s exchange of ideas between President Obama and the House Republican caucus, I find some of today’s headlines amusing:
  • “Obama, GOP Trade Barbs at Meeting”

  • “President Obama Rumbles with House GOP”

  • “President Obama Slams Republican Obstructionists at GOP Issues Retreat”

  • “Obama Gets Grilled at GOP Meeting”

“Barbs,” “rumbles,” “slams,” “grilled.” It seems the media has a rich vocabulary for expressing hostility, rage, and open warfare, and they’re always eager to use it. After all, the media can’t help being about entertainment, and everyone knows that tension and suspense are necessary to make a good story.

But as people begin to digest the reality of what happened yesterday—an open, respectful, grown-up, adult-adult exchange of ideas and perceptions between the executive and legislative branches of government—the headlines are changing:
  • “Obama Speaks at House Republican Retreat”

  • “Obama, House Republicans Debate Their Divisions”

  • “Obama Visits GOP Retreat”

“Speaks,” “debate,” “visits.” Speaking with one another, debating issues, visiting back and forth. Aw—now isn’t that nice?

Yep, the media loves a good fight—and none more than Fox News. Its main products, after all, are rage and righteous indignation. If all this warm fuzzy stuff catches on in Washington, Fox may be out of business one of these days.

And wouldn’t that be nice?


Idna said...

Jane, why do you "slam", throw "barbs" at and "rumble" about Fox News in so many of your posts? Isn't it time to have grown-up exchanges of ideas instead of trying to stifle debate, shut-up people who hold a different opinion ... in fact wishing to drive them out of business?

Do you even WATCH Fox? Why do you fear opinions expressed on that network so much?

By the way ... FYI ... Lou Dobbs did not move to Fox, as you claimed in your prior post. He still has a 3-hour radio show on CNN radio stations. Gotta check your liberal sources.

Citizen Jane said...

Hi, Idna,

I stand corrected on the subject of Lou Dobbs. I see that the persistent rumors of his move to Fox--which, by all accounts, would have been a perfect fit--proved untrue in the end.

Thanks for the update!

Sue said...

The mark of a good leader is not when that person has a supermajority of supporters who will implement the leader's programs automatically. The mark of a good leader is when that supermajority doesn't exist and people have to be convinced to support changes. This is true in business, in politics, and in families. In the public arena, media plays an important role in that persuasion. If the current president is able to utilize media to support compromise and accomplish his goals he may turn out to be a great leader. I supported him because I felt he could make a difference in the culture of Washington (and by extension, the country). I still hope I'm correct. We need to get past partisanship to address the true concerns of the citizens.

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