Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why I Don't Watch the Sunday Talk Shows

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.

They say she failed to win the straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference because "the base" doesn't think she's ready—yet.


And just what is the former half-governor of Alaska doing to get "ready"—besides raking in money and sharpening her already formidable sarcastic wit?

Ms. Palin has the media skills to become a personable commentator on any number of subjects about which she is qualified to speak. If she would just stick to firearms, moose, and maybe the rapid disappearance of the Arctic ice pack, I may not agree with her, but at least I'd give her credit for knowing something about her subject.

What John McCain has unleashed on America is a snitty attitude with a great pair of legs.


Idna said...

I LOVE how terrified the Left is of Sarah! ... including our fearless 'leader', who just can't let go of her comments and ignore her. It always brings a huge smile to my face to see what power she has to bug you guys and I find great amusement in hearing the whining and anxiety about this fiesty woman.

Idna said...

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Idna said...

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Citizen Jane said...

Hi, Idna,

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Oh! It worked! Thanks, Idna! I guess I just needed encouragement to try again.

Six said...

Re: your Palin post; From a left's perspective, I would think that you would want her to be front and center of the right's efforts... trust me, very few 'indepent' and 'other' voters will actually vote for her. She would not win a general election.

Personally I do not care for her at all... in fact, what little hope I had for the 'Tea Party' movement becoming a truly liberty-inspiring movement has vanished seeing her stand center stage. I wish she would go away.

About the site - thank you!! I am going to test here: Visit W3Schools!

Ace Bailey said...

Ha! Before I even clicked on the comments, I knew someone would claim that "teh left" was scared of Palin. Truly though, as a spokesman of The Left, I wish her all the success possible in the GOP. The more she talks, the more she exposes herself.