Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why the Volcano is Erupting in Iceland

According to Rush Limbaugh, because America passed health reform.

According to an Iranian cleric, because of extramarital sex.

No word yet from Pat Robertson or any of the folks at C Street.


Six said...

The sad thing is Rush's clip is a poor attempt at satire... the Iranians are (literally) dead serious. I read another article this morning saying basically the same thing, except that this cleric is blaming it on women, for you know, tempting men.

I am sure after blaming Hati's quake on the pact with the devil, Robertsons handlers are keeping the mic off on him for his comments about Icelandic volcano... although I am sure he would say it has something to do with thier worship of pagan gods, etc.

Idna said...

I think the volcano is Mother Nature putting arrogant humans in their place. "Hear that, Mr. Gore? You silly windbag blowhard. Do you want to see something REALLY blow?"